Machine Learning in Bioinformatics With Python

Intro of the series

Welcome to the series Machine learning in Bioinformatics.

If you are from the background of biology you don’t need to get scared of this fancy word machine learning. This series is specifically designed for those people who dont know much about programming languages but recently they got really curious how things are done and Bioinformatics.

So, if you are a person who wants to move from using the softwares to developing the softwares this series is made for you in this series we will be learning about:

Prerequisites to follow along

You don’t need a lot of softwares for this series all you need is to install Python and a few libraries of Python you will need pandas, numpy , pickle most of the time pickle is already installed and the last and very important library scikit-learn so go ahead install python and these few libraries just by entering these lines in the terminal one by one.

$ pip install pandas
$ pip install numpy
$ pip install pickle4
$ pip install -U scikit-learn

Once you have successfully installed these libraries and get back here so that we can start working on Machine Learning in Bioinformatics.