Ali Hassan


Choosing as an interdisciplinary study field where you have to be good at Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, and Statistics simultaneously is a daunting decision. You find yourself in a pickle when it is being offered for the very first time. Similarly, when I started Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics, nothing was streamlined in as it was in other majors, which were already established over several years. I had to struggle a lot. Studying Bioinformatics at the undergraduate level in Pakistan could only take me so far. However, I learned one of the most interesting facts about all living organisms on this earth: all the information about living beings is already present in their DNA; all we need to get is the skill to decode this information. Such a skill can enable us to make predictions about any organism even before it’s born. The realization of this fact has a huge impact on my life. After completing my bachelor’s degree I still needed to find answers to many questions. I am interested in pursuing a career in academia so I will start Masters in Bioinformatics soon and ultimately I will go for a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics.

There is a huge gap in this field. I want to make this convoluted field Bioinformatics easy and streamlined for those who are new to this field. Teaching is an art and only having a lot of knowledge about a subject is not the only key for being a good teacher. My passion for teaching led me to do a double major (Bioinformatics and Education) during my bachelor’s degree. This platform Bioinformatics Guy is the continuation of my passion for teaching where the core concepts of Bioinformatics have been explained in the simplest form through easy to understand video tutorials.